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Some of Shell Presto's fanfics contain adult material. Please check out the ratings.

Unfinished stories

Part stories


Unfinished stories

By any means possible

Part One: Running out of options

Part stories

To be in the spotlight

Part one: I have talent?
Part two: Everyone made it in?
Part three: Recovery
Part four: Trial by microphone
Part five: Districts
Part six: Don't count your chickens...
Part seven: When the curtain goes down

And so it goes

Part one: Let it rain
Part two: The stranger
Part three: I don't wanna die anymore
Part four: Never want again
Part five

Dead inside

Part one: Tragedy
Part two: Loss
Part three: Sayonara
Part four: Illusion
Part five: Reality
Part six: Futile
Part seven: Hope

Power in the hands of loneliness

Part one: Little lost boy, and a crystal as well
Part two: Destruction of home, mind, love, self
Part three: Just your average, ordinary high school student
Part four: Who said you can never go home again?
Part five: Alright, that explains you. So where do I fit in?
Part six: Rabbit of the Moon, the Princess!? So...where's her Prince?
Part seven: Crystals
Part eight: The big date
Part nine: The end of the world or the end of our world, you decide
Part ten: My absolute destiny apocalypse
Part eleven: Decisions
Part twelve: Promises

History will not repeat itself

Part one: Endymion
Part two: Observations
Part three: Earth
Part four: Uncertainty
Part five: Learning
Part six: Why
Part seven: Heat
Part eight: Relations
Part nine: Glass
Part ten: Kingdom
Part eleven: Loyalty
Part twelve: Confessions
Part thirteen: Agony
Part fourteen: Void
Part fifteen: Inheritance

Evil cannot take a heart

Rated: H
Part one: Endou and Usagi: Love within evil
Part two: Innocence, seduction, truth
Part three: Love in chains
Part four: Chances
Part five: Forgive me
Part six: Living by a code of silence
Part seven: Climax


A party, masked or unmasked?

The worst of good days

At a loss

Simply having a wonderful Christmas time


A new beginning

How far would you go?

Bubble gum

It must be magic

Selenity and Endymion

A postcard

To make her cry