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Alright! Here is probably one of *the* greatest SM fanfiction authors. If you haven't read Miss Crystal Heart's stuff yet, what are you waiting for? I'm pretty sure you'll have a wonderful time if you do.

Unfinished stories

Part stories


Unfinished stories

Guarding Heart

Chapter one: Once upon a time
Chapter two: The ice cracks
Chapter three: Lightning crashes
Chapter four: Love blossoms
Chapter five: Playing with fire
Chapter six: Honor's disgrace
Chapter seven: Truth's deception

For Love or Money

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3


Volumes I & II

Part stories

Eternally Yours

Part I
Part II



In my very own opinion, I consider this is her greatest story so far; actually, one of the best alternate reality fics I've ever read. I've gone through it about 7 times and I think I'm going to do it all over again sometime soon. It's just that I never get tired of it...

Three words that mean the world

A romantic story

Through the glass